The centralized traditional online casino have been around for a while but they are banned in multiple countries. Even if it is legal the payments made to online casino's along with the winnings are to be declared to the government. These are the two big problems faced by users around the world. The third big problem is online casino's make users do KYC and store their data. We at WCD faced similar issue all the time when gambling online.


World Cup Doge aim's to start its own decentralized casino that runs on blockchain. With casino running on blockchain we avoid the problems of legality. Payments are to be made by their blockchain wallets and the winning will be sent to the same. Meaning users can freely use their winnings in the way they want without disclosing it to authorities. WCD Casino will not require any KYC and the Casino will be open for anyone who want to join and play.
Users security will be in their own hands since we will not ask users to provide any permissions from their wallets to move funds. Hence Yours Keys, Your Wallet, Your Money.
WCD plans to bring a fully decentralized blockchain casino in Q2 of 2023.